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Inspiring India’s youth

Striking a conversation with taxi drivers is a great way to get a sense of ground realities. Last year, before the elections in Delhi, I had a whole host of auto drivers say to me

Rise above the Din

It is universally accepted that politics is “messy”. Getting a bill passed by the Indian Parliament is ultimately a political issue. All the political parties and their constituencies need to agree on the various aspects

Audio Blogging!

this is an audio post – click to play This post was lost when I moved to WordPress from Blogger. Sphere: Related Content

Too much happening…

Boy, its been a hectic week of news. In other words, too much happening to even formulate an opinion! Meanwhile, there are scores of theories on every issue, as always, and thanks to the www

From here and there

Some interesting links I have come across lately. Interesting report about growth of blogs in China. Amazing how a blog launched after the election has gained so much momentum and continues to do so. Classic

Future of Digital Media

Check this out. Really cool look into the future of Digital Media. If anything like this were to come true, its bound to have significant implications on practically every form of online content (highly personalized

Did you know?

Check this out. Never knew something like this existed. Nice way to raise a stink and still be commended for it! 🙂

Six months of Blogging…..and to be continued

I have been blogging for close to 6 months now and I must admit that lately it has become hard to keep up. As Mr. Bush would say, “It’s hard!” There has been so much


If you observe, you’ll find a number of cops hanging around perfectly safe areas in the US. For instance, drive down Castro Street in Mountain View, California once, and you’ll find at least a couple