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Gulistan: Another Shalimar Alternative

Gulistan Restaurant34579 Alvarado Niles RdUnion City,CA,94587Telephone: 510 471-6536 If you are a big fan of Pakistani food and a frequent visitor of Shalimar or Pakwan in the bay area, I recently discovered an alternative that

NY Times: Really Cool Feature

Next time you are reading the NY Times and don’t know the meaning of a word, all you need to do is double click on the word and a window pops up with the answer

Air Deccan: Dramatic Improvements

Treat this as anecdotal evidence. Air Deccan has show dramatic improvements in its ability to fly on time. In the past I have noticed that their flights were almost always late. They also had a

Dubai: The Mess Starts at the Airport

Dubai has been in the Western media for many reasons of late (the Dubai ports scandal, the recent Nasdaq deal, the burst of construction etc.). None of these reports ever talks about the challenges of

Kids Castle Newark, CA

Kids Castle in Newark is a great place these days for kids birthday parties. The owners have given it a face lift recently. The various play things have been fixed and re-organized. There is now

Domestic Airlines in India: Pains and Gains

With the consistent growth in the India economy, domestic air travel has dramatically increased and competition among Airlines has become cut-throat. It is understandable given that there are plenty of new airlines and a glut

Cedar's: Great Lebanese Restaurant in Chennai

If you are interested in non-desi food in Chennai, check out Cedar’s in Kotturpuram (I don’t know the exact location, if I am not mistaken its not far from Gandhi Mandapam) which serves Lebanese food.

Celebrate the Blue Moon!

Once in a blue moon is here! Check out the news report about the origin of “once in a blue moon” (which btw is today in the US!). It is supposed to be the second

Bear Valley: An Alternative to Tahoe

If you are looking for a place to enjoy some snow, close to the bay area but not as far as Lake Tahoe, Bear Valley is a great option. It is not as crowded as

Kids Castle in Newark, CA

Kids Castle in Newark seems to made a dramatic recovery since its slump a couple of years back. Many of the toys in the arcade appear to actually work now (hopefully this situation lasts). The