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Did Youtube have downtime?

Google has all the money in the world – the best infrastructure, some of the best brains. the most free-food (until recently), a huge head-start on search technology, among other things. Yet, they are vulnerable

Google Chrome: Cool, But By No Means Compelling

The first time I read the news about Google’s new browser I was quite surprised. Does the world need another browser? Isn’t Google backing Firefox in a BIG way? Then, I read this and came

Avvo: Welcome Service Despite Dotcom Ghosts

Pick a vertical, sign up a top VC investor, create some buzz, generate traffic, and eventually cash out (hopefully) by selling to one of the larger more established companies. Is this just me or have

Linuxworld 2008: Where are the crowds?

I attended Linuxworld this week for the first time. I wandered around the expo floor and also took a peak at a session or two. In fact, it was my first ever visit to a

Searching for Google Killers: Cuil, Yandex, Guruji…

There is little doubt that Google has a virtual monopoly over search and search based advertising. Even the mighty Microsoft is running helter-skelter trying to mount at least a challenge to Google. The WSJ reported

Linux Mint: With Freedom Came Elegance, and Some Pain

I had read and heard so much about how Linux has improved over the years. I have also been endlessly postponing my planĀ  to take Linux on a test drive with no help whatsoever. Recently,

Internet Overdose?

Of late there have been a host of articles about an "overdose of the Internet" in general. I am not sure which of these articles/posts started it all but here is a list of a

Firefox 3: Still Cool, Problems Persist and Btw, It Ain't Exactly Non-profit!

Firefox 3 has been released recently with a lot of fanfare as usual — Record breaking downloads , data about increasing market share , the admiration and praise for the open source movement, among other

Yahoo-Microsoft Battle Gets Interesting

Yahoo! is shooting in all directions hoping that something falls from the heavens. First it was Google, then it was News Corp., then it was AOL. In short, anyone but Microsoft. But as the deadlines

Technology in the Skies: Airline Uses Linux

Singapore Airlines is now flying some new aircrafts in the SFO-Singapore sector. These aircrafts appear to be a a little more spacious and better designed. For instance, the acrobatics needed to shut the bathroom doors