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It’s a platform, not a pipe! Making sense of udta AAP

AAP leader Kejriwal is abused all day long on social media by supposedly educated folks. An army of journalists are out there gunning for him and his party 24×7. The central Home Ministry is sitting

BJP must consider inducting an Interim-PM

If media reports over the last two years and the words of BJP veterans like Arun Shourie are to be culled together, it has become apparent that Prime Minister Modi prefers a corporate style of

Pinarayi Vijayan, Kerala’s man of the hour, has his task cut out

The government of Kerala is now in the hands of the CPI(M)-led Left Democratic Front (LDF). After years of scandal and corruption, the people of Kerala have decided to summarily show the Congress-led United Democratic

Lessons learned from one year of AAP in Delhi

It has been one year since AAP came to power in Delhi. The government has had plenty of successes to speak of but several needless controversies have crept up during the course of the year,

An Aam Aadmi’s thoughts on improving Indo-Pak Relations

Indian Prime Minister Modi on a recent global jaunt threw caution to the diplomatic winds and made an unplanned stop at Lahore to have direct one-on-one talks with Pakistani PM, Nawaz Sharif. Opposition leader and

An open letter to Arvind Kejriwal

Dear Kejriwal, When the AAP was started, Arun Jaitley famously said, “Once the OB vans are gone, this party will be finished.”  Back then, Salman Khurshid referred to you as gutter-snipe for accusing him of

Leave Modi Alone

We are always telling our teenagers what to do, what not to do and how to do what, until they shriek in frustration after the customary eye roll, “Leave me alone!” They want only brand

The second coming of Arvind Kejriwal

It was Dec of 2013 when a relatively unknown politician by name Arvind Kejriwal, emerged with a bang on India’s political firmament when he defeated long-time Congress veteran Sheila Dixit at the polls and went

Will Delhi be the BJP’s Waterloo?

“Modi has become the PM because of the unity of Hindus. To maintain their majority, every Hindu family should produce 10 kids.” “No skirts as uniform for school girls any more; no jeans and mobile

Barack Obama – The morning after

With India aspiring for growth and looking to build smart cities, roads, bridges, infrastructure, power plants, etc., the country presents a great opportunity for American businesses. Obama’s visit was essentially a giant sales pitch to