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Top 10 reasons why Sarah Palin wrote a book

10. She had banned so many books the Wasilla library was running out of books. 09. A 400+ page book sounded like the right size to hit Levi on the head. 08. Writing a book

The New Dollar Bill!

Someone sent this to me. The creative mind behind this is unfortunately not known. But it’s hilarious nevertheless! Sphere: Related Content

Top 10 Signs you suffered food poisoning at a Chinese Restaurant

10. You are panting for breath in the ICU but going “Hoo Naan, Hoo Naan” 09. You remember being Client #9 (oops, table #9) but are wondering how you became victim #1. 08. While in

What Bush and Gore Really Said to Each Other

Al Gore stopped by the White House recently for a photo-op with President Bush along with other Nobel Laureates. As part of this visit, the President had a private meeting with Al Gore. This would

Top 10 Reasons Why Dravid Quit

Rahul Dravid quietly bailed out from the hot seat of India captaincy. Here are the Top 10 reasons why Dravid quit: He was always late for practice thanks to Bangalore traffic. He wanted to fire

Top 10 things You Won't Hear in Tonite's State of the Union Address

10. Darn it, what’s with the weather, its f…. cold these days!09. Hey, what’s the lady doin’ behind me?08. You might not like my Iraq policy, but don’t tell me you like Hillary!07. I hereby

Top 10 Reasons Why Saddam Is Being Hanged in a Hurry

10. There is no staff available due to the holiday season after tonite to perform the execution.09. He threatened to release his personal Iraq Study Group report while the Bush administration has barely flipped through

Keith Richards quits drugs!

Check out this report about Keith Richards quitting drugs because they aren’t good anymore!! 🙂

Top 10 reasons why Bush visited India

10. The Whitehouse computer network was down and Indian engineers are held up without visas, so he had no choice but to go himself.09. His administration had outsourced phone taping and he wanted to personally

Top 10 reasons for Dick Cheney's shooting-gate

10. This was meant to be a warning for Iranian President Mr. Ahmadinejad!9. He was preparing for a long battle over Iraq.8. He saw Mr. Whittington watching Bin Laden’s video on his Ipod and thought