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Pizza Hut sucks, at least the local one does!

I am not a pizza lover. Unfortunately, I sometimes end up eating pizza at work simply because it is convenient, fast and delivered. The closest Pizza Hut to work is at: 1241 W El Camino

Chinese Restaurants in Mountain View

Two good Chinese restaurants in Mountain View on Castro Street: Hangen Szechuan Restaurant and Hunan Chili. They are very close to each other and are virtual clones of each other. As for downsides: Hangen —

Lovely Sweets in Fremont

A low key, hole in wall place that serves Indian food (punjabi cuisine) and plenty of “lovely” sweets, this restaurant/sweet shop is worth trying out. The food is good and always freshly cooked. The sweets

Shalimar in Fremont on weekends

If you plan to eat at Shalimar on Fri, Sat or Sun nights, I suggest you go early or plan for a long wait. Its extremely crowded and I understand that even if you order

Spice Hut in Fremont

The popular Spice Hut restaurant in Sunnyvale has now opened one in Fremont, close to Coconut Hill, the Indian grocery. The food is extremely good, and the place is very crowded despite being very spacious.

Chicken Recipe

Tried out this Chicken Chettinad Recipe today. Turned out pretty good! Definitely worth a shot if you like cooking and have the patience to look up the recipe. If you are wondering where Chettinad is,

Pakwan: A Shalimar clone worth visiting

Tired of the long wait at the Shalimar resturant in Fremont, California? You now have a lessser know alternative by name Pakwan, not very far from Shalimar (less than 10 minute drive on Fremont Blvd).

A couple of good restaurants in the SF Bay Area

Penang Garden (Malaysian) in Milpitas, Dish Dash (Lebanese/Mediteranean) and Spice Hut (Indian) in Sunnyvale. Went to Woodlands in Fremont today. Good south indian vegetaran food, but service is a little slow. If you live in