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Jet Airways Struggles

The WSJ has a detailed article today on the struggling Jet Airways. Without a doubt it was India’s best airline at its peak. It was a huge disappointment to see Jet Airways cancel it’s flights

Dynasty Politics

Vir Sanghvi describes the issue of dynasty in Indian politics in the HT. Farooq Abdullah is the second generation of the political dynasty founded by his father Sheikh Abdullah. (His son Omar is Chief Minister

KKR Wins!

Shahrukh Khan’s Kolkata Knight Ridders finally won a match. It had to happen. Sooner or later McCullum was going to strike and some team was going to suffer. It was Chennai’s turn. When McCullum gets

Pakistan in Denial

There are no shortage of articles on Pakistan these days.  There are many out there but this one summarizes things very well and has plenty of interesting links. A Grand Conspiracy Theory From Pakistan Asked,

Pakistan: Is the situation bad enough?

If media reports are to be beleived, Pakistan is in a terrible state and the situation is fast deteriorating.  Taliban is ready to take over.  Zardari’s days are numbered. The military is simply not doing

Finally, something sensible from the Republican side

Check out this piece on CNN. Hopefully voices like this will bubble to the top on the Republican side. This is the first time I have seen something remotely constructive from the opposition since the

Dhoni's missed opportunity

I have been a huge fan of Dhoni and his approach to the Indian captaincy. But I think Dhoni missed a great opportunity to force a win in the last Test and drive home the

Baracknophobia: Classic Left vs Right

Check out this Jon Stewart video. Its a classic Left response to the complete craziness on display on the Right.

Man follows his passion for cooking

Check out this interesting story of a chef in NY. Originally from India, he went on the become a chef after a Bachelor’s in Biochemistry. I’m out of the restaurant on weekends, and people at

Deepak Chopra on Rush Limbaugh

Interesting piece by Deepak Chopra. I am sure Rush will return the favor if he hasn’t already. I know people who listen to Limbaugh every morning. They don’t believe a word he says. They deplore