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Installing the latest IM can change your default search

This is what I got when I installed the latest IM from Yahoo! It was actually a supposed IM upgrade. There was an attempt to change the defualt search engine. At least there was a

Sun-Intel Deal

Sun could use “any” good press. So it is not surprising that they went ahead with this announcement. (Remember the joint announcement with Google about a year back. Nothing has come out of it. Has

Satyam Profit Drops

This is quite unusual. Unlike the other major Indian IT players, Satyam appears to have dropped in its net profits for the quarter. What is “the Satyam” (truth) behind this turn of events? 🙂 Sphere:

Gates Foundation: Charity Conflicts With Investments

Interesting article reprinted in the mercury news (originally from LA Times) about the the Gates Foundation investments being in conflict with its charity contributions. “…the Times found that the Gates Foundation has holdings in many

Oprah's Philanthropy Mis-directed?

Saw the news report in the papers this morning about Oprah Winfrey’s $40 million Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls in the town of Henley-on-Klip, south of Johannesburg. “Built on 52 acres, the 28-building campus

Silicon Valley is Still The Place!

For all those predicting Silicon Valley’s demise while its clones in India and China rise, here is an interesting article from the NYT. There is no question that the bulk of the new Web 2.0

Wisdom from the TiE Internet SIG

There were several sessions. Here are a few points from the various sessions. 1. Naming and Branding Features of a good name: Relevant, but unexpected; combine tangible with intangible; Always spark emotion; competitive clarity —

HP: Back in the News

All this recent news about HP is really sad. The so called management gurus on the board, the former CEO all combined have done great disservice to everything that the original founders “H” and “P”

Change at Ford a sign of deep crisis?

I was reading an interview with William Ford in Businessweek (I think) over the weekend and was really surprised to read today that he has been replaced! Its surely a sign that Ford is in

Apple Cell phone!

Wow! Check out this rumor about Apple working on a cell phone. This would give the cell phone guys a run for their money!