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President Obama’s rhetoric and life beyond outsourcing

There seems to be widespread angst, especially in India’s business circles, each time President Obama steps up his anti-outsourcing rhetoric. Our software industry was quick to respond, crying foul after President Obama’s state of the

Yahoo-Microsoft Battle Gets Interesting

Yahoo! is shooting in all directions hoping that something falls from the heavens. First it was Google, then it was News Corp., then it was AOL. In short, anyone but Microsoft. But as the deadlines

Microsoft Home Server

It is amazing how things have changed over the years in the world of home computing. Computers have become ever more powerful. Dell (and other PC vendors) today sells a desktop for about $600 inclusive

Open Social: Google plays catch up!

Nice to see Google desperately trying to play catchup. Facebook after a long period of being out in the cold, recently opened up its platform. Since then, it seems to have caught fire and today

Microsoft 's Yahoo Acquisition Still Possible

With a $6B acquisition, Microsoft is significantly beefing up its online ad strategy. Although the rumors of the Yahoo acquisition having died down, the aQuantive acquisition just confirms the fact that Microsoft is looking very

MS To Acquire Yahoo: Two "Search" Losers Make a Winner?

Google is growing from strength to strength. A lucrative advertising industry is at stake. Yahoo’s Panama might have been an improvement over what Yahoo had before, but its in no way strong enough to pose

Custom Home Furnishings

There was an article the Mercury News the other day about a home furnishings company by name Divine Designs. Its a great story about an Indian immigrant who was into Home Furnishings as a hobby.

Youtube-Viacom Battle

The Viacom-Youtube battle is nothing but an attempt to sort out in court what the two could not settle behind closed doors. On the one hand, it just proves that Google made a huge mistake

GPS In Shoes: The New, New "SaaS"

Check out this news report about new shoes that are available with a GPS chip in the sole! Considering that it is new and innovative the high price tag is understandable ($325-$350 plus $19.95 monthly

Bollywood vs Youtube?

Youtube has been asked to remove Viacom video clips. …According to Viacom, which owns more than 120 networks around the world, YouTube has shown clips of its television shows, music videos, movies and documentaries more