Did Youtube have downtime?

Google has all the money in the world – the best infrastructure, some of the best brains. the most free-food (until recently), a huge head-start on search technology, among other things. Yet, they are vulnerable to server downtime (Google Apps has had downtime but youtube downtime is rather rare/unheard off).

I had the rare privilege of noticing that Youtube did have some downtime (however small it was) yesterday. It was one of those very rare occurrences, so I quickly grabbed a screen shot. (Remember, you saw it here first! 🙂

See the screen shot and the rather bizarre message.

Before any experts out there claims that this was a user error, let me say that the internet connection at my end was perfectly fine.

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One Response to Did Youtube have downtime?

  1. Satyajit says:

    Though never seen that, but we’ve been wkin with YouTube’s public API servers, that goes down once in a while, and these are not scheduled outage, so they can’t inform us in adv (which sux). Our users suffer, thinking its a glitch on our end.

    (just landed up on your blog today, quite a bit noise you’ve been making here – need to catch up with all that) 🙂

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