Caifornia Governors' Debate

Saw the debate over the weekend. Angiledes vs. Arnie. Since this was the only debate, the stakes were pretty high especially for Angiledes. While he didn’t exactly make a mess, Angiledes didn’t come anywhere close to a home run. In fact, Arnie did a fine job of throwing in facts, a joke or two, delaying without looking ackward etc. It would take a miracle to beat Arnie who is well ahead in the polls.

Its hard to compete with a Hollywood star on TV debate. For starters, while Arnie looked straight at the camera, Angiledes was for the most part looking at the audience and not into the camera. Besides, he came across as too detailed and boring. He tried his best connecting Arnie to Bush, Republicans in Congress, etc etc. But ulitmately, it seemed like too tough a battle to overcome the Terminator.

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