Greg Chappell special?

Check out this picture of Kaif batting at the nets. Doesn’t the bat look like its edges have been chopped off? Is this special training to make sure batsman “middle” the ball?

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3 Responses to Greg Chappell special?

  1. Sreejith Kumar says:

    Chappell is an interesting guy! He introduced many new stuffs to cricket; and under-arm bowling was only one of those! 😉

    But seriously, he has tried many new things, though Sourav Ganguly wouldn’t agree to those!

  2. Anonymous says:

    This “bat without the edges” has been around cricket for a long time. You find it in the sports shops in the UK quite easily. Sridhar used to bring this around to the Santa Clara nets quite a few times. Of course, whatever bat I used looked like it had a hole in the middle with edges everywhere. 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    Also forgot to add my main comment. I don’t think Kaif is cut out for greatness at the Test level. He’s obviously a thinker and a very hard working fellow, but so was Madan Lal. He just won’t dominate the way a Yuvraj or even bat as long as Dravid used to earlier in his career. When there are so many other young chaps around, no point in persisting with Kaif.


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