Second Test: Pak vs India

It was a great move on the part of the Indian think tank to go in with five bowlers. Even if India loses this Test they at least they went into this match with an intent to win. With four bowlers and a dead pitch India was not going to bowl Pak out twice.

R. P. Singh proved a decent bet right on the first day with three wickets. Agarakar is a joke in any case, so Zaheer can’t do worse. Irfan is a disappointment.

Pak on the other hand seems to have gone on the defensive by playing Abdul Razzack in place of Naved. Though he got thrashed in the first Test definitely Naved is better bowler. Mohammed Asif might be the surprise package that does it for Pak in this match just as Umar Gul did for Pak on India’s last tour.

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