Movie Review: Swades

This is a movie about a US returned NRI — visits India in search of a loved one, gradually moved/, enamored by villages and the problems facing India, finds his lady love, and decides to live happily ever after in India, kissing goodbye to a job as a project manager at NASA. This in short is the story of Swades. The director riding on his Lagaan success has tried his best to follow a similar style/pattern. The sets are similar, some of the songs feel similar etc. But unfortunately, the movie lacks the “dum” (for lack of another word). It doesn’t come even close to Lagaan. Its a little unfair to compare, but the truth is it ain’t anywhere close to Lagaan. I wish the director had focused more on why the hero was so moved. This part of the film which forms its crux, was simply was not compelling enough. AR Rahman’s music goes well with the movie.

I didn’t find any long drawn “moral science” lesson of any sort in the movie. The new entrant Gayatri Joshi did a fine job holding her own opposite today’s mega star, Shahrukh Khan, who put up a good measured performance without any overacting, thankfully. She certainly needs a more glamorous role to get into the big league in bollywood.

Overall, I thought it was an ok movie.

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